Carole Paul

Tips on Preparing Your Home to Sell


The first step to preparing you home to sell is to change how you view your home from that of the owner to that of prospective buyer.  Ask yourself the following questions:


  1.    Does my home have “curb appeal”? 

  In other words, will a person driving by or   driving up to your home like what they see. 

  Is the landscaping in good shape and is the   driveway, porch, and yard free of trash,

  children’s toys, fallen branches, etc. 

  How about the paint? Any peeling paint

  mildew or rust?  Is the roof in good shape,

  or is its condition evident by the curling

  or missing shingles?  Are the gutters full

  of leaves and pine needles? What about

  windows and screens?  Clean windows and

  screens that are free of cobwebs and tears

  can make a house sparkle.


  2.  Do all rooms and closets appear spacious

  and clutter free?  Too many personal items

  and collectibles can make rooms and

  closets seem much smaller than they really

  are.  Go through and eliminate all items you

  can do without.  If you can’t bear to throw

  things away, pack them up in boxes and put

  them in storage or in a designated spot in the





3.     What impression do I get as to the overall

  condition of the house?  Remember, small

  items left in disrepair can signal “poorly

  maintained”  to the prospective purchaser.

  Tighten all loose doorknobs and hardware,

  repaint or touch-up rooms with little

  fingerprints on the walls. Caulk and

  seal bathrooms and kitchen around sinks

  and tubs, etc.  Even something as small as

  a light bulb not working can make a buyer

  think you have not taken care of your home.


4.  Have I overdone the “Decorator Touch”?   

  Remember, not all buyers will appreciate

  your taste in wall color.  Neutralize any

  area where you have gone above and

  beyond in expressing your individualism.

  Most buyers will not want to go to the

  trouble, much less the expense of redoing

  colors which don’t work with their furniture.


5.   Are my “Senses” pleased when I

  tour this home?


  a.  Sight -  Is the home clean, I mean

      really clean, and what about light and bright?

      Every day pick up all rooms, do dishes, make

      beds, etc. Open curtains and turn on lights

      when showing your home.


  b.  Smell -  check for pet, smoking and

      cooking odors.  Make sure everything

      smells as good as it looks.  But don’t

      overdo.  No smell is better than

      too much.

    c.  Hearing- barking dogs, loud music, 

      television, idle conversation, etc. 


         will interfere with the buyer’s

      ability to “enjoy” viewing the home

      and will leave a negative impression

      of the home itself.  All unnecessary

      noise should be eliminated from the

      home, which means you should leave

      when buyers come and take your 

      pets out for a walk if necessary. 


          d.  Touch- Is the house too cold or too hot?

      If a buyer feels uncomfortable he will

      not take the time to enjoy other

      aspects of the home.


If you can answer the above questions positively you are ready

to put your home on the market.   Your NEXT STEP is to call

a GREAT agent... and determine a price and a marketing plan.

That’s where I come in !